Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Distinguished Lecture :)

My friend Ric Giantisco invited me to give a talk at Mercer County Community College as a part of their Distinguished Lecture Series.  He's the Head of their game design department and an awesome animator.  The speech went really well.  It was a powerpoint (It was all pics with only 3 bullet points at the end) that went through my entire career, showing different work I had done and discussing the process of designing and creating art assets.  It was scheduled for one hour but I ended up staying for two hours answering questions. The students were really enthusiastic.  I hope to go back again and talk with them some more.  I just love giving those kinds of talks and interacting with students.

oil painting of raydeen

Collage of some of the companies I worked for.
mini-golf level for a Wii game

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