Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fun After Dinner

I've been working on some illustrations focused on the children's market.  I'd love to do my own children's book some day.  I see picture books as such a great melding of words and images.  A great way to tell a story.  Most of my favorite books are children's books, some that I've kept all these years and am now reading to my kids.

So here is one of the images I've finished recently.  I wanted to get a bunch done for the SCBWI meeting in NYC this past weekend.  For all my images I want the viewer to look at the picture and start imaging the story that goes with it.  Is that the dad on the guitar and his three kids and the grandpa.  Why do they have those uniforms on?  That house seems really unusual.  When or where are they?  I hope you like it and I'll be posting more.

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